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Beer and Wine Yeast

Yeast Brands and Prices

Wyeast Activator™ Packs are all $6.95
All Wyeast Strains not in our stock may be ordered at no extra charge.
German Ale 1007
American Wheat 1010
London Ale 1028
American Ale 1056
Irish Ale 1084
British Ale 1098
Whitbread Ale 1099
Thames Valley Ale 1275
London Ale III 1318
Northwest Ale 1332
British Ale II 1335
European Ale 1338
Scottish Ale 1728
London ESB 1968
Pilsen Lager 2007
American Lager 2035
California Lager 2112
Bohemian Lager 2124
Bavarian Lager 2206
Czech Pils 2278
Munich Lager 2308
Octoberfest Lager Blend 2633
Belgian Ale 1214
Belgian Strong Ale 1388
Belgian Abbey Ale II 1762
Belgian Saison 3724
Trappist High Gravity 3787
Belgian Wheat 3942
Belgian Witbier 3944
Bavarian Wheat Blend 3056
Weihenstephan Wheat 3068
German Wheat 3333
Bavarian Wheat 3638
Safale S-04 Ale yeast
Safale US-05 Ale yeast
Saflager S-23 Lager yeast
Muntons Ale
Muntons Gold Ale
Coopers Ale
Irish Moss - 1oz
Wheat Yeast - WB-06
Munich Wheat Yeast
Distillers - 1lb.
Safebrew T-58
Safebrew S-33

Cotes des Blanc Light and fruity white wines.
Montrachet All purpose wine yeast. Also good for cider.
Pasteur Champagne Very dry, for cider or high alcohol use. Good to 18% with proper nutrients. Not always the best for high alcohol beers due to its extreme dryness.
Pasteur Red Excellent for all red wine.
Premier Cuvee For white wines and meads.
Lalvin K1V-1116 Montpellier For wines from grapes, fresh fruit and fruit juice.
Lalvin D-47 Cote Du Rhone Excellent for white wines and meads. promotes malo-lactic fermentation.
Lalvin RC-212 Burgundy For red wines from grapes. Good color and tannin extraction.
Lalvin EC-1118 For white wines, cider, sparkling wines. Very high alcohol tolerance
Lalvin 71B-1122 All wines, medium alcohol tolerance, enhances fruity aromas.

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