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Fun Stuff and Homebrewing Links!

Juggling Fire

Our talented Brew Master entertaining customers at our first summer party in the parking lot!


Fun Links

    International Jugglers Association - If you brew, you should juggle. It gives you something to do during long sparges and boils. If you juggle, you should check out this page. We can teach you the basics of juggling in a few minutes, stop in the store on Sunday [in the winter], when itís not too busy. The lessons are free, but bring your own homebrew.


    Dolphins Endzone: Our favorite NFL Team ... Go Fins!

    Come down to The Zero

    Visit The Zero, website of one of our favorite authors, Andrew Vachss.

B.E.E.R - Brewers East End Revival Homebrew Club

    The Brewer's East End Revival's 11th annual Brew-Off is scheduled for Saturday, May 19th, 2007 at the Knights of Columbus Hall in South Nesconset. This is the premier Homebrewer's competition on Long Island. Get complete details here.

    Some of my friends and customers belong to a beer club called B.E.E.R. Pretty catchy name eh? I've invited the members to send me pictures of their brewing stuff and their brewing activities so we can post them. Check out some of their pictures -- HERE.

The Lunatic Fringe
*If you or your brewing club has a photo you'd like to post here, send it to us and we'll put it up.*

Label collection

    Homebrewers and pro brewers labels. Favorite beers and other notables.

Brewing and Beer Links
  • Brooklyn Brewery - Great beer, nice people. What else could you want from a company? If you canít get your hands on some homebrew, you should try some of theirs!

  • New York Homebrewing and Winemaking Resources - A new web site for Homebrewers and Winemakers in the New York area. The web site is still small, but visit and add your favorite link, recipie, news tidbit, etc. Also lists Homebrew Clubs and basic brewing and winemaking information.

  • Skotrats Beer Slut Page - Scott Abeneís personal page with a lot of great brewing info and a fair amount dancing baloney. If you get through this page in less than a month, you spend way too much time on the web! This is the king of homebrew web pages. Warning, this page takes plenty of computer power to run. If your computer or modem is slow, you may have problems viewing this page.

  • Tom's & Vince's Homebrew Site - This is a very good homebrewer's page. Very pragmatic information, without the useless chatter. Put up by two brewers, one in the UK and one in the US.

  • The Webtender - One stop source for drink recipes and links to alcoholic beverage sites worldwide!

  • Vic's Homebrew Page - Vicki Paull's page dedicated to those who brew and those who want to.

  • The Brews Brothers - Malting, Mashing, Sparging, Hopping, Barming, and Drinking Society of Greater Seattle. Tell Rob we sent you!

  • The Samuel Adams Beer Term Dictionary - While the definitions are somewhat elementary, the dictionary is quite complete.

  • Virtual Beer Cards Directory - Find a virtual greeting to send to your favorite beer lover!

  • American Homebrewer's Association
  • Beertown! - Home of the Association of Brewers

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