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Winemaking Kits and Equipment

All these wine kits are ready to drink in four weeks after bottling. Patience will be rewarded, if you wait a little longer, your homemade wine will improve with age. These six-gallon kits make thirty 750ml bottles.

Spangols Vino Del Vida Kits

7 liters of varietal juice to make 6 gallons. Acid and sugar balanced. No testing required. Complete day-by-day instructions for producing wine good enough to serve your guests (though you might want to keep it all for yourself).

Red Wines
White Wines

Spagnols Cellar Classics

15-litre kits, makes 6 gallons. Also made by Spagnols, the industry's premium producer, these kits make 6 gallons of finished wine from 15-liters of juice. While you pay more for these kits, the cost per bottle of finished wine is still less than $3.50 per bottle.

Red Wines
White Wines

Selection International Wine Kits

15-liters of varietal juice and juice concentrate to make 6 gallons of excellent homemade wine.

Instructions for Making Six Gallons of Wine from a Kit (Abridged)

Fine Wine Equipment Kit.
Karp’s Basic Wine Making Equipment Kit.

Winemaking Accessories Wine Bottles and Jugs
Wine Presses
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American White Oak Barrels Wine Bottle Corkers Wine Bottle Corks

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