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Homebrewing Equipment and Kits

Complete Brewing Hardware Kits

Karpís Advanced Kit

Optional Equipment:

Party Pig™

Wort Chillers

Bottling and Brewing Accessories

King Kooker Propane Burner

Please, only use this propane cooker outdoors. It is never safe for indoor use. Propane is dangerous indoors. No amount of venting will make these units safe for indoor use.

Carboys and Carboy Accessories

As you will see, glass carboys have increased in price dramatically. The only manufacturer of glass carboys in North America has stopped making them, so now they will have to come from Italy.

We strongly recommend using plastic carboys in place of the glass carboys. You will find them to be more durable than glass and much less expensive. You will not experience off-flavors from plastic carboys. Some old brewing books advise against using plastic, and when these books were written they might have been accurate, but now we have food grade plastics available that do not impart any flavors at all.

Party Star Mini Keg Deluxe System Party Star Mini Keg Deluxe System includes:

Some notes about mini kegging:

Click here for Complete Mini Kegging Instructions

Complete Homebrew Kegging System

Replacement and Repair Parts

We stock everything you need to make your beer flow. All stainless and brass hardware, gaskets, o-rings, washers, nuts, nipples, dip tubes and all beer related paraphernalia. Call or email us.

Super Picnic Pump - Sankey Tap with picnic pump. Dispenses beer from Sankey style keg with a easy hand pumping action. No CO2 required. Includes beer line and cobra faucet.

Complete Beer Line Cleaning Kit - Pump action cleaning of your beer tap lines. If you havenít cleaned your lines in a while, consider getting and using this kit. All the cleaning solution, tools and brushes you need to properly clean your beer lines. Plastic pump bottle forces cleaning solution through tap lines resulting in better tasting beer.

Jockey Boxes - 48 quart coolers with stainless coils for making your beer cold at the tap. Any size or set up available. We will make one to your specs.

  • Cooler with 50 feet of SS coil and one beer tap.
  • Cooler with two 50 foot coils and two beer taps. [Pictured at right]

All jockey box parts in stock. Washers, taps, faucets, and fittings of all kinds. Just Ask!

Link to Jockey Box - 2 Taps Picture

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