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The LUNATIC Fringe

Dedicated, devoted, ingenious and inventive brewers from all over the world!

Claudio in Argentina
Our friend Claudio brewing his first beer at his home in Argentina!
Phil Markowski
Phil Markowski, the award winning brewer at Southampton Publik House. Phil's professional brewery is smaller than some basement brewhouses.
Glenn Gidlof's 3 TierGlenn Gidlof's 3 Tier

The HLT sits atop the washing machine, and boosting it up a bit more is a wood box that contains a portable electric burner. The HLT is insulated with a bath towel wrapped around it and a lid.

Next is Glenn's Mash/Lauter tun. It is insulated with three layers of that foil bubble wrap stuff, works quite well. Inside is a Sabco SS false bottom and is drained from a 3/8 fitting w/ a brass ball valve on the side.

Last is the boil kettle. Just a cut open keg with 3/8 fitting and a brass ball valve.

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